Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy week of Hikes - 8 Days, 5 hikes, 44 miles, 13,000 feet elevation gain

It was crazy last 8 days for me. Spent lot of hours in high country hiking San Gabriel Mountains. In all did 6 peaks ranging from 1,625 ft to 8,985 ft. It all started with strenuous hike last Sunday with Triple T hikes and ended with somewhat easier hike to Sturtevant Falls. Here are some details about my last 8 days of hikes:
Sunday: Aug 2, 2009: Sturtevant Falls Hike
Distance (loop): 7 miles
Gain: 1300 feet
Round-trip Time: 4 hours
Pictures: Here
Leisurely hike with plenty of shade, streams and ponds. The Winter Creek Loop is a 5-mile hike, ascending to Hoegee's Camp along the Lower Winter Creek Trail, and then descending along the Upper Winter Creek Trail. At the beginning of the hike, we added a 2-mile extension along shady Santa Anita Creek to Sturtevant Falls 
Saturday: Aug 1, 2009: Ontario Peak
Elevation: 8,693 feet
Distance (Round-trip): 15 miles
Gain: 4100 feet
Round-trip Time: 9 hours
Pictures: Here
Icehouse Canyon trail up to the saddle and continuing on to Ontario peak. Did chapman trail on the return path (vis saddle) adding additional 1.7 miles. 

Wednesday: July 29, 2009: Echo Mountain
Elevation: 3,207 feet
Distance (Round-trip): 5 miles
Gain: 1400 feet
Round-trip Time: 2 hours
Pictures: Here

Tuesday: July 28, 2009: Mt. Hollywood 
Elevation: 1,625 feet
Distance (Round-trip): 7 miles
Gain: 1400 feet
Round-trip Time: 2 hours

Sunday: July 26, 2009: Timber, Telegraph and Thunder Peaks 
Elevation: 8,303 /8,985 / 8,587 feet
Distance: 10 miles
Gain: 4800 feet
Time: 7 hours
Pictures: Here
Strenuous, 10-mile hike with an elevation gain of 3,400 feet, at altitudes above 7,000 feet most of the way, and three summits rising over 8,000 feet. From Telegraph Peak (8,985 feet) the view rivals the one from Mt. Baldy, which itself is part of the scenery once we climb out of Icehouse Canyon. 

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