Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Currently I am working in Fusion middle-ware division of Oracle. I came to Oracle through Sun Microsystems acquisition where I was part of Web Services division and worked on BPEL Engine which was part of their supported product Sun JAVA Caps and open source project Open-ESB - ESB implemenation based on JBI Specification. Prior to Sun, I was working in small company named Seebeyond developing eInsight Business Process Manager, part of ICAN Suite. Sun acquired Seebeyond in 2005.
So why blog? Well many reasons but mostly to share insights about products and technologies I am working on. Also a place for me to think, reflect and connect. I love playing and watching sports in general and Golf in particular. Being a consummate learner I am always learning new skills, subjects and refreshing the ones I already know about. Also, plan to use this blog to share my passions, new found knowledge, skills and ideas. Hope you will find some of it interesting and informative. 
While I had this blog account for many years now, I never really used it. Was mainly blogging on site hosted by my employer Oracle. You can find it here -
For better search and accessibility, in next series of blog entries I plan to reproduce the contents from my oracle blog to this site. Also, while working on open source project - Open ESB at Sun, we were maintaining bunch of public wikis. After Oracle's acquisition these wikis have been moved so it might be hard to find those pages. I also plan to copy those project pages that I created or projects I directly worked on while working on project Open-ESB to this blog site.

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